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Deb Timmerman

Tools for Pandemic Fatigue and Stress in the Workplace

Networking, Breakfast

8:00am - 9:00am

401 Hall St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Inside Dominion Systems

Look for an email from rcoonen@coonen-law.com with details

Register by Friday, January 7 @ 11:59pm | Registration $20

Register after Friday, Friday, January 7 | Registration $25

In Person Event

$20.00 Register Early!

$25.00 at the Door or after Friday, Friday, January 7 @ 11:59pm

Tools for Pandemic Fatigue and Stress in the Workplace 


Maintaining emotional balance, mental clarity and sustaining resilience in times of stress and rapid change can be challenging for both individuals and businesses. In this presentation, we will explore using the heart as an innovative approach to reducing pandemic fatigue and stress while improving psychological safety, emotional wellbeing, and productivity in the workplace.  


We’ll discuss:

– The Stress, Resilience and Burnout Cycle

– Attendees will access where they/their organization is in the cycle

– Using stress signs and symptoms as feedback to breaking the stress habit loop 

– The heart-brain connection to managing energy and emotions

– Two – three examples of heart-brain tools (experientials) 

– Integrating mental wellness strategies into daily workflow


Deb Timmerman RN, HTP. DAIS, TCEPL, MMT, CSME, HMCT is Chief Resilience Officer for Deb Timmerman and Associates, LLC., a company  helping people prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity.  

Timmerman, a Registered Nurse, specializes in tools and strategies for Rapid  Stress Relief, Burnout Prevention, Navigating Change, Preventing and Thriving After Childhood  Trauma.  


  • Synergy Certified Stress Mastery Educator 
  • Certified TaiChi Easy Practice Leader 
  • Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher from Mindfulness Exercises • Diplomate status American Institute of Stress 
  • HeartMath Certifications: Certified HeartMath Trainer, Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath  Practitioner, Activating the Heart of Teams 


Additional Affiliations 

  • Certified Master Trainer for the MI ACE Initiative, an organization focused on raising  awareness about the impact of toxic stress during critical development periods, on  physical, emotional, and mental health, throughout the lifespan, and is the Education  Chair of the Barry County Trauma-Informed Workgroup, a collaboration of healthcare providers, educators, and community agencies seeking to improve the health of county  citizens.  
  • Independent Licensed Associate Stressmaster International and Advisory Team for  StressMaster International Coaching.


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