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Leslie C Fiorenzo and Michelle L Steffes

Why Vision Triumphs Over Resolutions!


8:00am - 9:00am

Virtual Event via Zoom

Look for an email from rcoonen@coonen-law.com with details

Use Coupon: VIRTUAL
for free registration!


$20.00 at the Door

What does it mean to have a Vision and why is more powerful than resolutions in establishing real change? Leslie and Michelle will share insights from over 50 years of combined experience leading people and teams with vision. 

According to the New York Post, “just 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals, while around 80 percent fail to keep their New Years Resolutions”  

Leslie and Michelle will talk about why, without a clear, mapped out vision, we will always fall flat on our good intentions.  


  • Why resolutions fail and how to make them stick long term 
  • The power of vision in decision making and life mastery 
  • How we can rewire our brains to lock in habit change leading to transformation 
  • Practical applications to ensure consistent change 

Leslie C Fiorenzo, MSHRD, BA, CPC
Leslie possesses over 30 years of experience as a human resource professional. She is an
exceptional speaker, trainer, and facilitator with special skills and interest in personal
development, team building and referral marketing. Leslie enjoys camping, biking, and traveling
with family. Below is an impressive list of Leslie’s achievements and credentials:
 Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development
 Certified Trainer in DISC based learning tools
 Certified Trainer in Conflict Savvy Programs
 Certified Performance Coach, 5 in 5 Performance Coaching Program©
 Author, “Twenty-One Lessons for Mastering Difficult Conversations”
 Adjunct Faculty Member, Davenport University teaching human resources, business and
marketing courses for over 7 years

Michelle L Steffes, CPS, CPLC, AHF
Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Certified Coach, Michelle L Steffes has 25 years of
experience as a Leader, Director, Team Builder and Business Builder.
Steffes has completed over 10,000 hours of study in neuroscience, physiology, and human
behavior. She empowers by utilizing cognitive methods to accelerate growth, increase
performance and transform self-defeating mindsets.
 Founder and CEO of IPV Consulting®
 Founder of IPV Group Coaching®
 Creator of the 5 in 5 Performance Coaching Program©
 Certified Coach and Trainer of the 5 in 5 Performance Coaching Certification Program©
 Author, “Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine” and “Journey to Greatness
 Featured in multiple magazine publications, radio programs and national media networks,
her clientele includes corporations, executives and individuals desiring effective change in
business and life.