Karen Horrigan
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Karen Horrigan

Emerge From the Crowd With a Powerful Online Brand

Networking, Breakfast

8:00am - 9:00am

401 Hall St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Inside Dominion Systems

Look for an email from rcoonen@coonen-law.com with details

Register by Friday, October 8 @ 11:59pm | Registration $15

Register after Friday, October 8 | Registration $20

In Person Event

$15.00 Register Early!

$20.00 at the Door or after Friday, October 8 @ 11:59pm

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a larger organization, you have an online brand – and it is by design or by default. Creating a charismatic personal and professional brand will help you and your employees emerge from the crowd, make your best first impression, and get greater visibility in the marketplace. 


This event, Emerge From the Crowd With a Powerful Online Brand, will challenge you to take a close look at your personal online brand. What are your values, your personal strengths, and things that make you different from every other person in your industry?


Fear blocks success, and fear of not knowing how to do something or fear of change is what is usually behind a person or company resisting to build a custom personalized brand.


Karen’s interactive presentation will inspire you to push yourself to go beyond the basics and ignite your thinking to build a unique brand that relates with your target clients’ values and lifestyles. This event will give you the tools you need to start showcasing your unique brand online.

Karen Horrigan, the owner of Kareismatic, is a social media and online personal brand strategist.  With more than 10 years of experience, Karen understands the importance of creating a charismatic personal and professional online brand that stands out, makes a good first impression, and gets greater visibility in the marketplace. Her unique approach inspires clients to cultivate creative thinking that ignites their minds to go beyond basics and to build an online brand unique to them and their target clients’ values and lifestyles. Encouraging her clients to be authentic and to seek new and engaging ways to reach their potential clients will help them build their credibility and reputation online.