Christine Morse

How to use Social Media for Sales

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Build 5 Strong Pillars and Turn Marketing Into Sales. Cut out all of the noise and people pulling you in different directions to try their way of gaining sales. Marketing is the same now as it has been for centuries – providing a great product and building relationships, we just have more tools to use than before. Stick to the basics, work the plan, sprinkle in some of the new technology, and build your empire.
1. Use effective, free or low cost marketing tools.
2. Identify and highlight your unique value.
3. Create messages that resonate with your ideal client.
4. Cut down on time spent each day on marketing. Enjoy the ride.
5. Turn relationship marketing into sales.

Christine Morse of Avid Marketing has over 20 years of experience in marketing, team leadership, client relations and sales with companies such as Herman Miller, Amway International, Spectrum Health, Disability Advocates of Kent County, and Avid Marketing.

She has always had a flair for entrepreneurship so when she found an opportunity to start her own company; she was excited to combine all of her past experiences, successes, knowledge and passions together under one roof to help businesses grow and prosper. While working at Disability Advocates she was able to prove that Relationship Marketing is an effective way for organizations to increase sales and visibility. Here she was able to double and often triple the number of connections and measurements for the organization by using all low or no cost marketing tools and tactics.

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