Gary Ball on “Making Your Network Work!”


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Gary picIt is often said, “The best way to grow or expand your business is by word of mouth.” One of the best ways word of mouth occurs is through your current customers, clients and vendors who are willing to recommend you to their friends and clients.  However, it is a wise business owner or leader who will endeavor to seek out new spheres of influence and business relationships in order to expand his/her boundaries in the business world. Although this may seem like a simple practice, there is a genuine strategy in networking effectively that is often missed by professionals of all industries.

In “MAKING YOUR NETWORK WORK” we will discuss:

  1. Finding the right networking events and group for you.
  2. Developing an appropriate “elevator speech” for 60 seconds down to two words.
  3. Networking protocol,  the do’s and don’ts.
  4. Networking event follow-up.

We will end the morning with an opportunity to practice what you have learned.

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