April 12, Kathey Batey – “Four Ways to Argue Effectively”




image001Four Ways to Argue Effectively provides tools for conflict resolution. We will explore our own style of handling conflict and how to recognize conflict styles in others. Concentration on identifying the real issues in conflict, and four ways to argue effectively, including training on how to separate the problem from the person, creative positioning, long-term relationship thinking, and the power of our word use.

Understand more of what is happening in our brains when we are communicating (or not communicating) in an argument. The frontal brain, which controls logical thinking, shuts down and emotions can override and body, words and senses can lose control.

There are techniques to use as you involve yourself in disagreements and arguments. These skills allow you to maintain the relationship, work toward creative resolution, and make strong relationships in teams. You make the choice to compromise, be victimized or synergize. Learn reintegration statements so the conflict is complete, settled and won’t rear its ugly head again.

About Kathey:

Kathey Batey has been professionally speaking and training since 2004. Trained by the National Speakers Association, she received her Bachelors in Psychology, focusing her Master’s work on group therapy, facilitating groups for ten years. She is a moderator for Government meetings and forums. She is a domestic mediator with the state of Michigan, and a Certified Restorative Justice Facilitator. She has workshops and radio programs – ReDesigning Your Life. She has worked with hundreds of individuals going through life transitions such as divorce, death, empty nest, job loss and other life transitions. She has 25 years experience in the corporate world.


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