Leslie Fiorenzo on Self Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People




Leslie FiorenzoThrough thousands of seemingly insignificant interactions, teams unknowingly create environments that are either cohesive or adversarial. In this seminar, the specific behaviors, and their far-reaching consequences, become stunningly clear. You will learn why negative assumptions pick up momentum and spread, how to short-circuit destructive disagreement, and eliminate unconscious behaviors that spark power struggles and mistrust.
At the end of the day, you will be able to:
• Reduce anger, tension and disengagement
• Build teams that endure, even during rapid change
• End destructive disagreement and lingering resentment
• Be hard on the problem, soft on the people
• Open the dialogue with a 96% likelihood of a positive outcome
• Renew energy, camaraderie, and optimism
• Turn blame into shared responsibility
• Reverse power struggles
• Short-circuit the hidden costs of contempt
• Shift the focus off people and personalities to the root causes of workplace tension
• Turn self-righteous indignation into a search for solutions


Leslie Fiorenzo is Director of Employee Assistance Center, West Michigan’s oldest provider of employee assistance program services. She has over 30 years experience as a human resources professional working in the automotive, distribution, and packaging industries. She is an adjunct faculty member at the D.W. Maine School of Business, Davenport University teaching human resources, business and marketing courses since 2005. Leslie earned her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Western Michigan University and is a certified DiSC™ trainer. Leslie first became familiar with The Self Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People® in October 2013 and realized this was a proven solution she could bring business struggling with workplace conflict and mistrust and is a certified facilitator of the program.


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