September 8 Lorraine Medici- “Your Imprint on Others – How’s that Working for You?”





Have you ever met someone for the first time and thought, what a neat person! What was it about that person that made you want to hear more? Or when you’ve been treated by a business with exceptional service the moment you walked in – what did you think of that person? Organization? Time to talk about what we are doing every day to influence and impact others we meet – whether it’s a co-worker, someone who reports to us, our boss, family or a stranger.

About Lorraine

As a certified coach, Lorraine works closely with clients to help diagnose company challenges and provide action plans to enhance employee engagement, build stronger leadership teams, increase retention and bring about cultural awareness through workshops and coaching.Lorraine is the Director of Training and Development at Express Employment Professionals. She is an Associate Certified Coach and Master Practitioner for the ELI Assessment. Lorraine has extensive experience as a personal development coach and workshop facilitator working in the fields of sales and education.

In previous roles Lorraine has supervised a team of 50 sales professionals, conducted national sales presentations, and has extensive experience working in the legal field.


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