March 12, 2019 Kristen Hartnagel, “Rock Solid Reputation: Becoming the Person People Want to do Business With”




When you have a powerful reputation customers flock to you, those around you are loyal to you, and you have enough trust to withstand scrutiny and setbacks. But, if you have a weak reputation, then it’s hard to stand out from the crowd, you’ll struggle to attract and keep great people and customers. Most people and most companies have virtually no strategy, intention or process to shape their personal reputation. Because of that they lose relationships, they lose revenue and they lose trust with the general population. It doesn’t have to be that way. Personal Brand Strategist, Kristen Hartnagel and her team at Brand Builders Group, have studied, researched and developed what they call “The Reputation Formula.” Kristen shares a seemingly simple but powerful step by step process to give you the kind of indestructible reputation that will make you and your company legendary. Learn how to build a great reputation and watch how it becomes the ultimate competitive advantage for you and your business.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will:

1. Work through their own Brand DNA Helix, learning how to position the problem only they can solve helping them rise above the noise.

2. Learn the Reputation Formula

3. Learn the Characteristics of a Rock Solid Reputation

4. Learn strategies for Purposeful Posting


ABOUT Kristen
Kristen Hartnagel is the creator of
the Peace, Purpose and Power
podcast dedicated to helping
people free their imagination and
ignite their souls. She has a dual
degree in psychology and
journalism. She is a speaker and a
certified Infinite Possibilities trainer.
As a Professional singer, songwriter
and recording artist, her favorite way
to deliver her message is with
keynote concerts. Throughout her
career, Kristen has been part of 4
startups and is a founding member
of Brand Builders Group working
with NYT bestselling authors, award
winning talent management agents
and 7-figure influencers. She is
leading a movement to help people
release the past, live in the present,
and take charge of their future.
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