Whether you are an employee, a marketer, or a small business owner, taking control and managing your online perception is more important than ever.  All your social-media and online activities are a reflection of your overall brand. What you post and the comments you make on online become your brand and builds your reputation.

Karen will be sharing tips that you can use to create a charismatic online presence

·        How to create a cohesive personal and professional online presence

·        How to developing your online brand image, including the tone, style and feel

·        Tips for building your reputation and establishing credibility

·        Protecting and fixing your online brand


Karen is a 20-year veteran of corporate America and recognizes the dynamics of incorporating new capabilities into the workplace. One of these newer capabilities is the use of social media in the corporate world. Fear is often behind a person or company resisting the use of social media, and this fear can block success.

Karen believes that you will overcome that fear with training in the proficient use and operation of social media tools. Empowering you to use social media to grow your brand, promote your product or service, and engage with new and potential clients.

She teaches creative thinking techniques and ignites minds to go beyond the basics to build unique strategies by encompassing social media marketing platforms and applications. This guidance will help you plan for your social media success.

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