May 14, 2019 Paul Artale, The Spork Factor: “Using Workplace Flexibility to Create a High Impact Work Culture”




The Spork Factor: Using Workplace Flexibility to Create a High Impact Work Culture

Workplace dynamics and demographics are changing faster than ever.  Integration of work and life is not only increasing, but is becoming a common characteristic of today’s employee.  As business leaders we need to find the right balance between adapting to these changes and maintaining high-performance workplace cultures.   This presentation will discuss how to create teams that thrive and adapt in today’s culture.  Participants will:

  • Understand current workforce and demographic trends
  • Define what is meant by high-performance workplace culture
  • Recognize the positive impact flexibility has on employee performance
  • Identify key characteristics of high performance cultures
  • Define what a results-oriented work environment
  • Recognize the positive impact flexibility has on employee retention
  • Leave with one key strategy vital to building a high-performance culture



Paul Artale is a motivational speaker, author, and trainer who works with companies who want to supercharge employee performance by understanding employee needs and leveraging their strengths.  Paul is a PhD Candidate whose research focuses on the positive impact workplace flexibility has on employee engagement, retention, and performance.  Paul is the author of “The 2-Year Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance” and will release his second book “Maximum Ability: How to recruit, retain, and engage employees with (Dis)Abilities.” In October of 2019.   Paul’s signature keynote “Hit Hard: 3 Must-Have Mindsets to (Re)Design Your Life” tells the story of how despite being born with physical challenges, Paul was able to achieve his dream of playing college football.  Hit Hard shares the mindsets needed to break through barriers.  For more information visit


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