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John Riley

Do you know your ACE for conflict de-escalation?

Networking, Breakfast & Registration

8:00am - 9:00am

Virtual Event

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$20.00 at the Door

John retired from the Grand Rapids Police Department in 2015 after 20 years as a road patrol officer. He realized early in his career that he spent most of his time interacting with people, counseling, admonishing, encouraging, mediating, and de-escalating. He developed a knack for dealing with people in very stressful, volatile situations. Observing that a vast majority of people do not realize that they say and do things that will actually escalate a situation, John founded Gentle Response LLC in 2016 to train the staff and volunteers of churches, businesses, corporations, state agencies and other organizations how to develop the knowledge and skills to deal with an agitated person, and prevent a volatile situation from becoming a critical violent incident. Based on his experiences in the Army and law enforcement, John created a training program specifically designed to help a person develop stress inoculation, muscle memory, self confidence and confidence in other colleagues. The October Business Breakfast presentation with cover:

  • You being aware of your ACE, your Appearance, Communication, and your Engagement in the moment with a person, will determine how successful you are in de-escalating an irate, agitated person.
  • Your facial expression, your body posture, and if you are not careful you can escalate a situation without saying a word because of the frown or smirk on your face.
  • Your tone of voice and the words you use. Did your child or anyone ever say they are sorry to you, but you KNEW they were not sorry by their tone of voice?
  • Your engagement in the moment is active reflective listening. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, and honestly simply listening to someone shows respect, empathy and compassion. Show that you are listening and engaged with eye contact and repeating certain words and phrases.
  • How all 3 concepts MUST work together for anyone to succeed in de-escalating a person or situation.
GR Business Breakfast